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Faculty Activities
28/04/2015, Tuesday, 11:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Seminar in Probability and Stochastic Processes
Title : The complexity of spherical p-spin models - a second moment approach
Speaker : Eliran Subag
Place : 861 Meyer Building (Hashmal), Technion
The Hamiltonian of the spherical p-spin spin glass model is a smooth Gaussian field on the N-dimensional sphere. Let $Crt_N(u)$ denote the number of its critical points below $Nu$. In a recent study Auffinger, Ben Arous, and Cerny computed the mean of $Crt_N(u)$ and its exponential growth rate, as N goes to infinity. Our work focuses on the computation of the second moment. We prove that the ratio of second to first moment squared goes to 1, as N goes to infinity. An immediate consequence of this is that $Crt_N(u)$ concentrates around its mean: $Crt_N(u)$ normalized by its mean goes to 1 in L^2 and thus in probability. Joint work with Ofer Zeitouni.
Submitted by : Oren Louidor, oren.louidor@gmail.com
Event № : 1475
PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar - Petru Mironescu (Lyon)
28/04/2015, Tuesday, 14:30
Type : Seminar
Name : PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Title : Energy concentration of circle-valued maps
Speaker : Petru Mironescu (Lyon)
Place : Amado 719, Technion

We consider maps $u:\Omega\to {\mathbb S}^1$ having some Sobolev regularity $u\in W^{s,p}$. In several interesting situations, either

a) such maps need not have a phase  $\varphi$ with the same regularity as $u$, or 

b) the phase $\varphi$ exists but is not controlled by the norm of $u$.

 In  case a), I obtained some time ago a structure result (« factorization ») allowing to write each such $u$ as $u=v\, w$, where $v$ lifts and $w$ is « smoother » than $u$. In the first part of the talk, I will present a very simple proof of this result, based on the theory of weighted Sobolev spaces, that I will revisit. 

Case b) occurs e.g. in the problem of the existence of a « minimal » (in the sense of an appropriate Sobolev seminorm) map $u: {\mathbb S}^1\to {\mathbb S}^1$ winding once around the unit circle. In the second part of the talk, I will present a modest progress in this direction, based on a geometric approach to the maximum principle in two dimensions.The common theme of the two arguments is a geometric detection of the energy concentration of manifold-valued maps.

Submitted by : Ram Band, ramband@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 61
Free Analysis Seminar - Ami Viselter (Haifa University)
28/04/2015, Tuesday, 15:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Free Analysis Seminar
Title : Every convex free basic semi-algebraic set has an LMI representation
Speaker : Ami Viselter (Haifa University)
Place : Amado 709, Technion

We will start a series of lectures in which we will study the paper "Every convex free basic semi-algebraic set has an LMI representation" by Helton-McCullough (Annals of Math., 2012). 

The main result is, roughly, that every convex free set defined by matrix valued polynomial inequalities has another representation - a Linear Matrix Inequality (LMI) representation, that is, it is given by matrix valued LINEAR inequailties. 

Submitted by : Orr Shalit, oshalit@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 64
Combinatorics Seminar - Chaya Keller (Hebrew University)
29/04/2015, Wednesday, 13:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Combinatorics Seminar
Title : Reconstruction of the geometric structure of a set of points in the plane from its geometric tree graph
Speaker : Chaya Keller (Hebrew University)
Place : Amado 619, Technion
Let $P$ be a finite set of points in general position in the plane. The structure of the complete graph $K(P)$ as a geometric graph includes, for any pair $[a,b],[c,d]$ of vertex-disjoint edges, the information whether they cross or not.

The simple (i.e., non-crossing) spanning trees (SSTs) of $K(P)$ are the vertices of the so-called Geometric Tree Graph of $P$, $G(P)$. Two such vertices are adjacent in $G(P)$ if they differ in exactly two edges, i.e., if one can be obtained from the other by deleting an edge and adding another edge. Introduced by Avis and Fukuda in 1993, geometric tree graphs were studied in a number of papers and play an important role in algorithms for spanning trees enumeration.

In this talk we show how to reconstruct from $G(P)$ (regarded as an abstract graph) the structure of $K(P)$ as a geometric graph. This result can be viewed as a geometric counterpart of a work of Sedlacek (1974) on reconstruction of an abstract graph from the list of its spanning trees, and may shed light on the structure of the automorphism group of $G(P)$ whose determination is a 15-years old open problem.

Joint work with Micha A. Perles.

Note: The talk will be given in Hebrew.
Submitted by : Shira Zerbib, zgshira@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1478
Algebra Seminar - Nicola Sambonet
30/04/2015, Thursday, 13:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Algebra Seminar
Title : On the exponent of the Schur multiplier
Speaker : Nicola Sambonet
Place : Amado 814, Technion
The Schur multiplier is a very interesting invariant, being the archetype of group
An explicit description of the multiplier is often a too difficult task, it is 
therefore of interest to obtain information about its numerical attributes, as the 
order, the rank, and the exponent.
I will present the problem of bounding the exponent of the multiplier of a finite 
group, introducing a very interesting construction which has been the major 
contribution of my PhD research.
Submitted by : Yakov Karasik, yaakov@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1476
Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities
CMS Special Lecture Series - Prof. John Hinch
27/04/2015, Monday, 15:30 - 30/04/2015, Thursday, 15:30
Type : Lecture series
Name : CMS
Title : CMS Special Lecture Series
Speaker : Prof. John Hinch
Place : Monday 27.4- Segoh 1, Tuesday 28.4- room 814, Thursday 30.4- room 814, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences

Supported by the Mallat Family Fund for Research in Mathematics

Invites you to a


Professor John Hinch

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

 University of Cambridge


 Lecture I: Explaining the behavior of elastic liquids

Monday, 27 April, 2015 at 15:30, Segoh, Segoh 1.

Lecture II: Viscous `drops' falling on a coated vertical fibre

(quite technical and mathematical)

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015 at 15:30, Amado, Room 814.

Lecture III: Fluctuations in the sedimentation of particles in a suspension

(review including resolution of long standing paradox)

Thursday 30 April, 2015 at 15:30, Amado, Auditorium 814.

For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, CMS Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

Files : Prof. John HinchAbstracts
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 32
18/05/2015, Monday, 09:00 - 21/05/2015, Thursday, 16:00
Type : Conference
Name : CMS
Title : Conference in honor of Lin's 80th Birthday
Speaker :
Place : Batler, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences

Conference on

Algebraic Geometry, Braids, Analysis

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

May 18 - May 21, 2015

The conference is held on the occasion of

Professor Vladimir Lin's 80th birthday

Registration is now open until April 1st. 

 The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers working on algebraic geometry, braids, and analysis, and to discuss some of the recent developments and to identify important problems and new research directions.


Participants include:

M. Agranovsky         P. Kuchment                  A. Pinkus

T. Bandman              A. Libgober                   P. Russell

G. Belitskii                 V. Lin                            I. Scherbak

V. Bergelson              M. Lyubich                   V. Tkachenko

A. Brudnyi                  Y. Lyubich                    V. Vassiliev 

A. Eremenko              L. Makar-Limanov         B. Wajnryb         

S. Gindikin                  K. Masuda                    Y. Zarhin  

V. Gurarii                    V. Milman                     M. Zaidenberg 

S. Kaliman                  M. Miyanishi                V. Zinde-Walsh  

A. Khovanskii               A. Olevskii                   N. Zobin

M. Koras                     S. Orevkov                    


The conference is supported by

The Center for Mathematical Sciences at the Technion


The  Gelbart Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Bar-Ilan University


Scientific Committee: Joan Birman, Mikhail Sodin, Evgeniĭ Gorin

Organization Committee: Yehuda Pinchover, Michail Zhitomirskii


For further information please contact: Shiri Kaplan-Shabat (Conference Coordinator),

E-mail cms@math.technion.ac.il ; Phone: +972-(0)4-8294278

Conference Web page: http://www.math.technion.ac.il/cms/decade_2011-2020/year_2014-2015/Lin/

Files : ProgramPosterTransportationParticipantsAbstracts
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 33
17/06/2015, Wednesday, 09:00 - 24/06/2015, Wednesday, 16:00
Type : Workshop
Name : CMS
Title : Generalizations of Symmetric Spaces
Speaker :
Place : Nachsholim Resort, Technion

ERC                CMS

Workshop on Generalizations of Symmetric Spaces

17th-24th June, 2015

Registration is now closed

An e-mail will be sent in the next few days to thoses registered. If you have registered and did not recieve an e-mail by April 12, please contact cms@math.technion.ac.il

Important Note: When booking your flight, please take into consideration that the conference shuttle leaves on June 17th at 11:30am from Binyamina railway station, which is one hour by train from Ben Gurion airport. We thus recommend that you arrive either in the early morning of the 17th, or at the 16th. In the latter case we can help you find accommodation in Tel Aviv or Haifa for the night.

The  following mini-courses will be given:

Michel Brion (Institute Fourier) "Spherical Varieties"

Kai-Uwe Bux (Universität Bielefeld) "Finiteness Properties of Arithmetic Groups"

Dima Gourevitch (Weizmann Institute) "Multiplicity One Spaces"

Bertrand Rémy (École Polytechnique) "Compactifications of Buildings"


Additional research talks will be given by the participants

Organizers: Tobias Hartnick (Technion), Aloysius Helminck (NC State University), Ralf Köhl (JLU Gießen), Amos Nevo (Technion)

For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, Workshop Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

Files : Poster
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 34