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Faculty Activities
Algebra Seminar - Sergey Malev (The University of Edinburgh)
17/02/2016, Wednesday, 12:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Algebra Seminar
Title : The images of non-commutative polynomials evaluated on matrix algebras.
Speaker : Sergey Malev (The University of Edinburgh)
Place : Amado 814, Technion


Let $p$ be a multilinear polynomial in several non-commutingvariables with coefficients in an arbitrary field $K$. Kaplanskyconjectured that for any $n$, the image of $p$ evaluated on theset $M_n(K)$ of $n$ by $n$ matrices is either zero, or the set ofscalar matrices, or the set $sl_n(K)$ of matrices of trace $0$, orall of $M_n(K)$. We prove the conjecture for $K=\mathbb{R}$ orfor quadratically closed field and $n=2$, and give a partial solution for an arbitrary field $K$.We also consider homogeneous and Lie polynomials and providethe classifications for the image sets in these cases.

Submitted by : Yakov Karasik, yaakov@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 204
MSc Seminar - Amir Abu-Fraiha
17/02/2016, Wednesday, 13:30
Type : Seminar
Name : MSc Seminar
Title : Homology of Random Simplicial Complexes Based on Steiner Systems
Speaker : Amir Abu-Fraiha
Place : Amado, 814, Technion

Following the work of Linial and Meshulam on random simplicial complexes, we introduce a model for random complexes with bounded degree and study its topology. We use spectral gap theory, in particular, Garland's method, to show homological connectivity of these random complexes. We also show an upper bound on Betti numbers of complexes with highly connected links, in the spiritof Garland's method.

Submitted by : Shiri Kaplan-Shabat, mathsec@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 205
23/02/2016, Tuesday, 14:30
Type : Seminar
Name : PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Title : Stability of axisymmetric liquid bridges
Speaker : Leonid Fel
Place : Amado 814, Technion

Based on the Weierstrass representation of second variation, we develop a non-spectral theory of stability for isoperimetric problem with minimizedand constrained two-dimensional functionals of general type and free endpoints allowed to move along two given planar curves.We establish the stability criterion and apply this theory to the axisymmetric liquid bridge between two axisymmetric solid bodies without gravity to determine the stability of menisci with free contactlines.For catenoid and cylinder menisci and different solid shapes, we determinethe stability domain. The other menisci (unduloid, nodoid and sphere) are considered in a simple setup between two plates or two spheres.

Joint work with B. Rubinstein.

Submitted by : Baptiste Devyver, devyver@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 114
MSc Seminar - Daniel Felman-Levy
24/02/2016, Wednesday, 14:30 - 16:30
Type : Seminar
Name : MSc Seminar
Title : Phase-Exchange Thermoacoustics: A unified derivation and stability analysis
Speaker : Daniel Felman-Levy
Place : Amado, 814, Technion

Thermoacoustics is a highly promising technology for the upcoming decades. Based on the heat transfer between a temperature gradient stack and an oscillating acoustic wave, it is expected to replace current heat pumps or heat engines, such as solar panels or air conditioners, due to its improved efficiency compared to conventional methods. However, it is yet a young research topic with many improvements and tests to come. One of the most recent improvements is the addition of a reactive component to the inert media as it creates a coating layer over the stack pore's walls and forms an additional concentration gradient as a result of its phase-exchange interaction with the active component, encouraging the oscillating amplitudes for a more desirable performance and efficiency. This thesis develops the mathematical non-dimensional approach established by the physical parameters of the system building it from the conservation of momentum, concentration and energy equations applying the required boundary conditions to solve for the velocity, concentration and temperature fluctuations, respectively. Then plugging the results into the continuity equation in order to arrive to the wave equation, which describes the pressure fluctuations along the stack. At this point, it is possible to find the acoustic work flux, which determines the efficiency of the system based on all the physical parameters involved. The results evaluation is focused on the analysis of limiting cases and approximations, such as the inviscid limit or the boundary layer approximation, and their theoretic impact on the performance. Finally, the required setup for a concentration and a temperature gradient onset is found independently in the pursuit of triggering an instable oscillation.

Submitted by : Shiri Kaplan-Shabat, mathsec@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 206
01/03/2016, Tuesday, 14:30
Type : Seminar
Name : PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Title : TBA
Speaker : Steve Schochet
Place : Amado 814, Technion
Submitted by : Baptiste Devyver, devyver@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 164
Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities
Mathematical Physics on Fridays - Ehud Altman (Weizmann) & Evgeny Strahov (HUJI)
11/03/2016, Friday, 09:30 - 13:00
Type : Seminar
Name : CMS
Title : Mathematical Physics on Fridays
Speaker : Ehud Altman (Weizmann) & Evgeny Strahov (HUJI)
Place : Amado Building, room 814, Technion

Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Center for Mathematical Sciences

Supported by the Mallat Family Fund for Research in Mathematics

Invites you to an ongoing lecture series:


On the 11th of March, 2016


9:30    -  Coffee & light refreshments

10:01  -  Ehud Altman (Weizmann Institute of Science) 

11:01  -  More coffee & light refreshments

11:21  -  Evgeny Strahov (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)  

12:21  -  Lunch


Talk titles:

Ehud Altman - To be announced...

Evgeny Strahov - To be announced....

The lectures will take place at room 814 (8th floor),

Amado Mathematics Building, Technion

Coffee & light refreshments will be given in the Department of Mathematics' lounge on the 8th floor.

Organizing committee: Rami Band (Technion), Nick Crawford (Technion), Sasha Sodin (TAU).

For administrative information and car permit to enter the Technion please contact:

Yael Stern, Workshop Coordinator, Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il


Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 195
29/05/2016, Sunday, 09:00 - 02/06/2016, Thursday, 16:00
Type : Conference
Name : CMS
Title : Whitney Extension Problems: C^m and Sobolev functions on subsets of R^n
Speaker :
Place : Amado Building, Auditorium 232, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences invites you to:

Whitney Extension Problems:

C^m and Sobolev functions on subsets of R^n

(The 9th Whitney Problems Workshop)

Sunday 29.5.2016 - Thursday 2.6.2016

Technion, Haifa, Israel

    The conference will focus on some of the most vibrant developments in function theory related to the celebrated Whitney extension and trace problems for classes of smooth functions. These include new analytic and geometric methods in the study of differentiable structures on finite sets, extension and trace problems for functions in Sobolev spaces and spaces of generalized smoothness defined on closed subsets of R^n, geometric description of Sobolev extension domains, etc.

    The purpose of the conference is to bring together an international group of experts in the areas of function theory and functional and geometric analysis to report on and discuss recent progress and open problems in the area of Whitney type problems and thus foster interaction and collaboration between researchers in these fields.

Registration is now open (click here to register) 

Scientific Committee

1. Alexander Brudnyi (University of Calgary, Canada)

2. Michael Cwikel (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

3. Charles Fefferman (Princeton University, USA)

4. Andreea Nicoara (Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland)

5. Pavel Shvartsman  (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

6. Nahum Zobin (College of William and Mary, USA)

Organizing Committee

1. Michael Cwikel (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

2. Pavel Shvartsman (Technion, Haifa, Israel)

Poster    Abstracts    Tentative Schedule   List of Participants 

Objectives      Transport from the airport

        Shuttle from hotel         Excursion Info

For information: Yael Stern- Conference Coordinator, Tel: +972-4-8294278 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

Files : Excursion InformationTransportation and moreShuttle from the hotel to TechnionTentative ScheduleList of ParticipantsOBJECTIVES
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 108
20/07/2016, Wednesday, 09:00 - 26/07/2016, Tuesday, 17:00
Type : Workshop
Name : Summer Workshop
Title : Algebraic, Topological & Combinatorial Approaches to Aut (F_n)-Summer School 2016
Speaker :
Place : Amado 232, Technion

 Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

 Center for Mathematical Sciences

Supported by the Mallat Family Fund for Research in Mathematics

Invites you to:

Algebraic, Topological & Combinatorial Approaches to Aut(Fn)

Summer School 2016

 (for Graduate Students and Post-Docs)

 Wednesday – Tuesday 20-26.7.2016

Technion, Haifa, Israel

Registration will be open between: 1.3.16-20.6.16

 The summer school will focus on different aspects of free groups and their automorphism groups. One of the main themes of the conference is the action of Aut(Fn) on different kinds of structures such as Outer space, the product replacement graph and representation varieties. 


Featured Mini-Courses:

Keren Vogtmann, Cornell Univeristy and University of Warwick

Mladen Bestvina, University of Utah

Alex Lubotzky, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Zlil Sela, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem 

Tsachik Gelander, Weizmann Institute of Science

 Additional Lectures will be given throughout the Summer School.


All lectures will take place at Auditorium 232, 

Amado Mathematics Building, Technion


Organizers: Chen Meiri, Yoav Moriah, Michah Sageev


For information: Yael Stern, Conference Coordinator, Tel: +972-4-8294278  E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il



Files : Poster
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 122