Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Faculty Activities

11/12/2017  Colloquium The group ring and its units Leo Margolis (Universität Stuttgart) 11/12/2017, Monday, 15:30 Amado 232, Technion
12/12/2017  PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar Spectral asymptotic for Steklov’s problem in domains with edges (work in progress) Victor Ivrii (Toronto) 12/12/2017, Tuesday, 14:30 Amado 814, Technion
12/12/2017  Operator Algebras/Operator Theory Non-commutative peaking phenomena and a local version of the hyperrigidity conjecture Benjamin Passer 12/12/2017, Tuesday, 15:30 - 17:00 617, Technion
14/12/2017  Groups, Dynamics and Related Topics Homogeneous Asymptotic Limits of Uniform Averages on Fuchsian Groups Tamir Hemo, Caltech Mathematics Department 14/12/2017, Thursday, 14:30 Amado building 814, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities

07/01/2018 - 11/01/2018  Conference Conference on the occasion of Moshe Marcus' 80th Birthday Sde Boker 07/01/2018, Sunday, 14:00 - 11/01/2018, Thursday, 14:00 Interdisciplinary Center, Midreshet Sde Boker
23/04/2018  Lecture series Lecture 1: Geometry and Arithmetic of Sphere Packings I Prof. Alex Kontorovich (Rutgers University) 23/04/2018, Monday, 15:30 Auditorium 232, Technion
25/04/2018  Lecture series Lecture 2: Geometry and Arithmetic of Sphere Packings II Prof. Alex Kontorovich (Rutgers University) 25/04/2018, Wednesday, 15:30 Auditorium 232, Technion