Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Faculty Activities

24/04/2017  Colloquium An invitation to Diffeology Yael Karshon (University of Toronto) 24/04/2017, Monday, 15:30 Amado 232, Technion
25/04/2017  PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar Bi-axisymmetric stationary solutions to the vacuum Einstein equation with non-spherical horizons Gilbert Weinstein, Department of Mathematics and Department of Physics, Ariel University 25/04/2017, Tuesday, 14:30 Amado 814, Technion
25/04/2017  PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar Linear diffusion equations with singular absorption potentials and/or unbounded convective flows. Weights as boundary conditions: beyond Hardy-type inequalities David Gómez-Castro (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) 25/04/2017, Tuesday, 15:30 Amado 814, Technion
30/04/2017  Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Seminar Nonlinear rescaling in constrained optimization: theory, methods, numerical results and applications (continuation) Roman Polyak (Technion) 30/04/2017, Sunday, 14:30 Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities

26/04/2017  Seminar הגיאומטריה של מסילות אופניים פרופסור גיל בור 26/04/2017, Wednesday, 16:30 אמאדו 232, Technion
07/06/2017  Conference COMPLEX AND HARMONIC ANALYSIS III In memory of Professor Uri Srebro (Z"L) 07/06/2017, Wednesday, 09:30 Amado: Invited talks in room 232. Morning talks: split talks in 232 and 619, Afternoon talks: split talks in 232 and in 300., Technion
12/06/2017 - 15/06/2017  Lecture series Special Lecture Series Prof. Vadim Kaloshin 12/06/2017, Monday, 15:30 - 15/06/2017, Thursday, 16:30 Amado, 232, Technion