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Retirement Party for Arye Juhasz

Retirement Party for Arye Juhasz

On Wednesday, December 24th at 12:30, we will gather at the faculty lounge to celebrate the retirement of Arye Juhasz.

מסיבת פרישה  לאריה יוהס

 ביום רביעי,  24.12  בשעה 12:30 נתכנס בחדר הסגל של הפקולטה לחגוג עם  אריה יוהס את יציאתו לגמלאות.

ברכות חמות לדניאלה אבידן על זכייתה בפרס צילג

ברכות חמות לדניאלה אבידן על זכייתה בפרס צילג – פרס ההנהלה לחברי סגל נלווים מצטיינים.


כל הכבוד!


רון הולצמן

דיקן הפקולטה למתמטיקה

Congratulations to Emanuel

Emanuel Milman got the ERC starting grant.




Ron Holzman

Dean, Department of Mathematics

ברכות חמות לרחלי טובול על זכייתה בפרס- עובד מצטיין טכניוני

ברכות חמות לרחלי טובול על זכייתה בפרס "עובד מצטיין טכניוני"

בפעם השניה!

כל הכבוד!

רון הולצמן

דיקן הפקולטה למתמטיקה

ברכות לזוכה פרס ינאי ולמרצים מצטיינים

אדי מאיר-וולף זכה בפרס ינאי למצוינות בחינוך אקדמי לשנת תשע"ד.

 בנוסף, בסמסטר אביב תשע"ד, נבחרו על-פי ציוני משאל המרצה הטוב ל:

מרצה מצטיין טכניוני

משה ברוך

אביב צנזור (שגם צוין לשבח בקורס נוסף)

רון הולצמן

ציון לשבח על הצטיינות בהוראה

אורי אליאש

עליזה מלק

לידיה פרס-הרי (שהיא גם מרצה מצטיינת מתמידה)

 ברכות לכולם על הזכייה, ואיחולי הצלחה בסמסטר החדש ובכלל!

Faculty Activities
21/12/2014, Sunday, 14:30
Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization- Maria Elena Luna-Elizarraras
21/12/2014, Sunday, 14:30

Title: On a new type of conformality in R^4 and bicomplex holomorphic functions

Speaker: Maria Elena Luna-Elizarraras

Place: Amado 719, Technion

Abstract: One of the basic properties of holomorphic functions in one complex va- riable is that they are conformal. The theoretical importance of this pro- perty as well as the big amount of application is well known. In this work are presented the necessary tools in order to give the analogue notion of conformality of bicomplex holomorphic functions. For this new notion, it is presented a positive hyperbolic{valued norm de ned on the algebra of bicomplex numbers. As a second step it is presented the trigonometric re- presentation of bicomplex numbers in hyperbolic terms, this means that not only the norm of the bicomplex number is positive hyperbolic{valued, but also the angle of the bicomplex number is hyperbolic{valued. The geometry that arise from these facts is analyzed, in particular the notion of hyperbolic lines and curves, and the hyperbolic angle between these objects. It is also presented a Theorem that asserts that bicomplex holomorphic functions are conformal on those point where the derivative is not zero.

*Research partially supported by Instituto Politecnico Nacional in the framework of its COFAA and SIP programs.

23/12/2014, Tuesday, 14:30
23/12/2014, Tuesday, 14:30

Title: Spectral geometry of the Steklov problem

Speaker: Iosif Polterovich, Université de Montréal

Place: Amado 719,Technion

Abstract: The Steklov problem is an elliptic eigenvalue problem with the spectral parameter in the boundary conditions. While this problem shares some common properties with its more well known Dirichlet and Neumann cousins, the Steklov eigenvalues and eigenfunctions have a number of distinctive geometric features. We will discuss some recent advances in the subject, particularly in the study of spectral asymptotics, spectral invariants, eigenvalue estimates, and nodal geometry. The talk is based on a joint survey article with A. Girouard.

25/12/2014, Thursday, 11:30
SPECIAL Algebra Seminar (note the special time)- Ehud Meir
25/12/2014, Thursday, 11:30

Title: Finite dimensional Hopf algebras and invariant theory

Speaker:  Ehud Meir

Place: Amado 819, Technion

Abstract: In this talk I will present an approach to study finite dimensional semisimple Hopf algebras, based on invariant theory. I will explain why the isomorphism type of such an algebra can be determined by a (very big) collection of invariant scalars, and will discuss the intuitive meaning of these scalars. While in some cases they can be very easily interpreted, in some other cases their meaning is much less clear. I will explain the connection between these invariants and questions about fields of definition, some open problems in Hopf algebra theory (about the dimension of irreducible representations) and how one can use them in order to prove that every such algebra satisfies a certain finiteness condition (the existence of at most finitely many Hopf orders).

25/12/2014, Thursday, 13:30
Algebra Seminar- Sefi Ladkani, Ben Gurion University
25/12/2014, Thursday, 13:30

Title: From groups to clusters

Speaker:  Sefi Ladkani, Ben Gurion University

Place: Amado 814, Technion

Abstract: I will present a new combinatorial construction of finite-dimensional algebras with some interesting representation theoretic properties: they are of tame representation type, symmetric and have periodic modules. The quivers we consider are dual to ribbon graphs and they naturally arise from triangulations of oriented surfaces with marked points.

The class of algebras that we get contains in particular the algebras of quaternion type introduced and studied by Erdmann with relation to certain blocks of group algebras. On the other hand, it contains also the Jacobian algebras of the quivers with potentials associated by Fomin-Shapiro-Thurston and Labardini to triangulations of closed surfaces with punctures. Hence our construction may serve as a bridge between modular representation theory of finite groups and cluster algebras.

All notions will be explained during the talk.

28/12/2014, Sunday, 14:30
Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization- Albert Fathi
28/12/2014, Sunday, 14:30

Title: Regularity of solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation on a domain

Speaker: Albert Fathi

Place: Amado 719' Technion

Abstract: Attached

Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities
30/12/2014, Tuesday, 09:45
16th Israeli mini-workshop on applied and computational mathematics
30/12/2014, Tuesday, 09:45

We are pleased to invite the Israeli applied math community to participate in the 16th Israeli Mini-Workshop in Applied and Computational Mathematics, t

Time:  Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Place: Technion, Amado Bldg. room 814.

The idea is to create a forum for researchers in applied mathematics, especially younger faculty and students, to get to know other members of the community, and promote discussion and collaboration.

Participation in the workshop is free, but you are asked to register in this website or via link, so we can be adequately prepared for the day. Please register by 12:00 on Sunday, November 30th.

Meeting organizer: Nir Gavish

Series organizers: Raz Kupferman, Vered Rom-Kedar and Edriss Titi

For more detail and registration, please visit our Workshop webpage

For administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, Workshop Coordinator Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

11/01/2015 - 16/01/2015
CMS Special Lecture Series- Prof. Yann Brenier
11/01/2015 - 16/01/2015

The Monge-Ampère equation in mathematical modelling 

Prof.Yann Brenier

CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau France

Lecture 1: A direct application of the Monge-Ampère equation in Cosmology

Monday, 12 Jan, 2015 at 15:30

Lecture 2: The semi-geostrophic model of atmosphere and ocean dynamics.

Tuesday, 13 Jan, 2015 at 15:30

Lecture 3: Maps of minimal distortion and magnetohydrodynamics

Thursday 15 Jan, 2015 at 15:30

 Lectures will be held at Amado building, Auditorium 233, Technion

Light refreshments will be given before the talks in the teacher's lounge 8th floor.

For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, CMS Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

26/04/2015 - 01/05/2015
CMS Special Lecture Series- Prof. John Hinch
26/04/2015 - 01/05/2015


For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, CMS Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il