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The Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lecture

High dimensional expanders and Ramanujan complexes

Professor Alex Lubotzky - Hebrew University of Jerusalem

April 1, 2015, at 17:00

Auditorium 231 Amado

ברכות חמות לסטודנטים לתואר ראשון ניצן טור ועשהאל רייטר

בעקבות הצלחתם בשלבים א' וב' של האולימפיאדה הארצית במתמטיקה לסטודנטים, זכו להצטרף לנבחרת ישראל שתשתתף באולימפיאדה הבינלאומית בקיץ.

עלו והצליחו!

ברכות לאורי שפירא על זכייתו בפרס קריל (KRILL) לשנת תשע"ה.

פרס קריל ניתן על הצטיינות מדעית ומוענק יל ידי קרן וולף היוקרתית.

הפרס הוא אות כבוד לאורי, לפקולטה למתמטיקה ולטכניון כולו.

Faculty Activities
Algebra Seminar - Darrell Haile
02/04/2015, Thursday, 13:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Algebra Seminar
Title : On the Teichmuller map and a class of nonassociative algebras
Speaker : Darrell Haile
Place : Amado 814, Technion
This work is joint with Yuval Ginosar. Let K/F be a finite Galois extension
with Galois group G. The Teichmuller map is a function that associates to every
central simple K-algebra B normal over F an element of $H^{3}(G,K^{\times})$. The
value of the function is trivial precisely when the class of B is restricted from
F. The classical definition of this map involves the use of a crossed-product 
algebra over B. This associativity of this algebra is also equivlaent to the class 
of B being restricted from F. The aim of this lecture is to elucidate the nature 
of the nonassociative algebras that arise when B is normal, but not restricted. It 
turns out that the resulting theory is remarkably similar to the theory of 
associiative algebras arising from the noninvertible cohomology of a Galois 
extension L/F such that L contains K and I want to explain that relationship.
Submitted by : Yakov Karasik, yaakov@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1448
02/04/2015, Thursday, 14:45
Type : Seminar
Name : Groups, dynamics and related topics
Title : Tight Maps and Homomorphisms II
Speaker : Oskar Hamlet
Place : Amada 814, Technion
Abstract (s) : A homomorphism between Hermitian Lie groups is said to be tight if the norm of the bounded Kaehler class is preserved under the pullback.
Parallell to tight homomorphisms is the notion of tight totally geodesic maps between the corresponding symmetric spaces.
Tightness plays an important role in the study of maximal (with 
respect to the Toledo invariant) representations of surface groups in Hermitian 
Lie groups.
In the first seminar I will give the basic definitions and introduce some of the tools used for studying tight maps/homomorphisms.
In the second seminar I will present my work classifying tight maps. Parts of this work is joint with T. Okuda and M. B. Pozzetti.
Submitted by : Dustin Mayeda, dmayeda@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1439
Geometry and Topology seminar - Uri Bader (Technion)
02/04/2015, Thursday, 15:45
Type : Seminar
Name : Geometry and Topology seminar
Title : Linearity vs. non-linearity of some automorphism groups of buildings
Speaker : Uri Bader (Technion)
Place : Amado 814, Technion
An "affine building" is a geometric object attached to algebraic groups over local fields by a theory developed by Bruhat and Tits in way parallel to Cartan's more familiar theory of symmetric spaces. Nevertheless, there is a striking difference: in rank 1 and 2 one can find buildings which are not attached to any algebraic group (this never happens for symmetric spaces, nor for higher-rank affine buildings).
One then asks: for such "exotic" buildings, could the automorphism group be linear at all?
In a recent joint work with Caprace and Lecureux we give a negative answer to this question. Our  method involves a combination of geometry, representation theory and ergodic theory.
Submitted by : Tobias Hartnick, hartnick@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1441
14/04/2015, Tuesday, 14:30
Type : Seminar
Name : PDE and Applied Mathematics Seminar
Title : Origin of finite pulse trains in reaction-diffusion PDEs: Homoclinic snaking in excitable media
Speaker : Arik Yochelis (BGU)
Place : Amado 814, Technion

Spatially localized and stationary states have recently brought to the spotlight of mathematical analysis of nonlinear PDEs via analysis of models exhibiting free energy and/or conservation. However, many chemical and biological systems exhibit rather localized traveling pulses, such as action potentials in axons and cardiac muscles. We identify and describe a qualitative novel property of excitable media that enables us to generate a sequence of traveling pulses of any desired length, using a one-time initial stimulus. The existence of these states is related here to the presence of homoclinic snaking in the vicinity of a subcritical, finite wavenumber Hopf bifurcation. The pulses are organized in a slanted snaking structure resulting from the presence of a heteroclinic cycle between small and large amplitude traveling waves. Connections of this type require a multivalued dispersion relation. This dispersion relation is computed numerically and used to interpret the profile of the pulse group. The different spatially localized pulse trains can be accessed by appropriately customised initial stimuli thereby blurring the traditional distinction between oscillatory and excitable systems. The results reveal a new class of phenomena relevant to spatiotemporal dynamics of excitable media, particularly in chemical and biological systems with multiple activators and inhibitors.

Submitted by : Ram Band, ramband@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 51
Algebra Seminar - Efrat Bank
16/04/2015, Thursday, 13:30
Type : Seminar
Name : Algebra Seminar
Title : Prime polynomial values of linear functions in short intervals
Speaker : Efrat Bank
Place : Amado 814, Technion
In this talk I will present a function field analogue of a conjecture in number
theory. This conjecture is a combination of several famous conjectures, including the 
Hardy-Littlewood prime tuple conjecture, conjectures on the number of primes in 
arithmetic progressions and in short intervals, and the Goldbach conjecture. I prove 
an asymptotic formula for the number of simultaneous prime values of n linear 
functions, in the limit of a large finite field.

A key role is played by the computation of some Galois groups.
Submitted by : Yakov Karasik, yaakov@tx.technion.ac.il
Event № : 1432
Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities
CMS Special Lecture Series - Prof. John Hinch
27/04/2015, Monday, 15:30 - 30/04/2015, Thursday, 15:30
Type : Lecture series
Name : CMS
Title : CMS Special Lecture Series
Speaker : Prof. John Hinch
Place : Monday 27.4- Segoh 1, Tuesday 28.4- room 814, Thursday 30.4- room 231, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences

Supported by the Mallat Family Fund for Research in Mathematics

Invites you to a


Professor John Hinch

Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

 University of Cambridge


 Lecture I: Explaining the behavior of elastic liquids

Monday, 27 April, 2015 at 15:30, Segoh, Segoh 1.

Lecture II: Viscous `drops' falling on a coated vertical fibre

(quite technical and mathematical)

Tuesday, 28 April, 2015 at 15:30, Amado, Room 814.

Lecture III: Fluctuations in the sedimentation of particles in a suspension

(review including resolution of long standing paradox)

Thursday 30 April, 2015 at 15:30, Amado, Auditorium 231.

For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, CMS Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

Files : Prof. John Hinch
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 32
18/05/2015, Monday, 09:00 - 21/05/2015, Thursday, 16:00
Type : Conference
Name : CMS
Title : Conference in honor of Lin's 80th Birthday
Speaker :
Place : T.B.A, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences

Conference on

Algebraic Geometry, Braids, Analysis

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

May 18 - May 21, 2015

The conference is held on the occasion of

Professor Vladimir Lin's 80th birthday

Registration is now open until April 1st. 

 The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers working on algebraic geometry, braids, and analysis, and to discuss some of the recent developments and to identify important problems and new research directions.


Participants include:

M. Agranovsky         P. Kuchment                  A. Pinkus

T. Bandman              A. Libgober                   P. Russell

G. Belitskii                 V. Lin                            I. Scherbak

V. Bergelson              M. Lyubich                   V. Tkachenko

A. Brudnyi                  Y. Lyubich                    V. Vassiliev 

A. Eremenko              L. Makar-Limanov         B. Wajnryb         

S. Gindikin                  K. Masuda                    Y. Zarhin  

V. Gurarii                    V. Milman                     M. Zaidenberg 

S. Kaliman                  M. Miyanishi                V. Zinde-Walsh  

A. Khovanskii               A. Olevskii                   N. Zobin

M. Koras                     S. Orevkov                    


The conference is supported by

The Center for Mathematical Sciences at the Technion


The  Gelbart Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Bar-Ilan University


Scientific Committee: Joan Birman, Mikhail Sodin, Evgeniĭ Gorin

Organization Committee: Yehuda Pinchover, Michail Zhitomirskii


For further information please contact: Shiri Kaplan-Shabat (Conference Coordinator),

E-mail cms@math.technion.ac.il ; Phone: +972-(0)4-8294278

Conference Web page: http://www.math.technion.ac.il/cms/decade_2011-2020/year_2014-2015/Lin/

Files : List of ParticipantsPosterTransportation
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 33
17/06/2015, Wednesday, 09:00 - 24/06/2015, Wednesday, 16:00
Type : Workshop
Name : CMS
Title : Generalizations of Symmetric Spaces
Speaker :
Place : Nachsholim Resort, Technion

ERC                CMS

Workshop on Generalizations of Symmetric Spaces

17th-24th June, 2015

Registration is now open

Important Note: When booking your flight, please take into consideration that the conference shuttle leaves on June 17th at 10 am from Binyamina railway station, which is one hour by train from Ben Gurion airport. We thus recommend that you arrive either in the early morning of the 17th, or at the 16th. In the latter case we can help you find accommodation in Tel Aviv or Haifa for the night.

The  following mini-courses will be given:

Michel Brion (Institute Fourier) "Spherical Varieties"

Kai-Uwe Bux (Universität Bielefeld) "Finiteness Properties of Arithmetic Groups"

Dima Gourevitch (Weizmann Institute) "Multiplicity One Spaces"

Bertrand Rémy (École Polytechnique) "Compactifications of Buildings"


Additional research talks will be given by the participants

Organizers: Tobias Hartnick (Technion), Aloysius Helminck (NC State University), Ralf Köhl (JLU Gießen), Amos Nevo (Technion)

For further administrative information please contact: Shiri Kaplan- Shabat, Workshop Coordinator

Phone: +972-(0)4-8294276\8 Fax: +972-(0)4-8293388 E-mail: cms@math.technion.ac.il

Files : Poster
Submitted by : cms@math.technion.ac.il
Event № : 34