The Elisha Netanyahu Memorial Lecture Series was established to honor the memory of the mathematician Elisha Netanyahu (1912-1986), who served the Technion from 1946 until his retirement in 1980.

The following is the list of distinguished mathematicians who have presented lectures in this series:

  1. Professor Avi Wigderson, Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton.
    Lecture date: May 11, 17:00.

    Title: Geometry and Theoretical Computer Science

  2. Professor Noga Alon, Tel Aviv University.
    Lecture date: May 17, 17:00.

    Title: The Regularity Lemma of Szemeredi and Grothendieck type Inequalities

  3. Professor Terence Tao, University of California, Los Angeles.
    Lecture date: March 25, 17:00.

    Title: Recent Progress in the Spectral Distribution of Random Matrices

  4. Professor Wendelin Werner, University of Paris.
    Lecture date: February 28, 17:00.

    Title: Drawing and Coloring Large Pictures at Random

  5. Professor Robert J Aumann, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Title: Strategic Information Theory: Repeated Games with Incomplete Information

  6. Professor Richard V. Kadison, University of Pennsylvania

    Title: Re-examining the Pythagorean Theorem - a Functional Analyst's View

  7. Professor Samuel Karlin, Stanford university

    Title: The Mathematics of Bioinformatics

  8. Professor Don Zagier, Max-Planck-Institut fur Mathematik.

    Title: From Modular Forms to Cohomology

  9. Professor David Kazhdan, The Hebrew University, Harvard University,
    MacArthur fellow.

    Title: Theory of representations and algebraic geometry

  10. Professor Andrew R. Casson, Yale University,
    Recipient of the Veblen Prize.

    Title: Some Mysteries of Low-Dimensional Topology

  11. Professor Louis Nirenberg, Courant Institute of Mathematics,
    Recipient of the Crafoord Prize.

    Title: Estimates for Composite Material

  12. Professor Hillel Furstenberg, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
    Recipient of the Harvey Prize in Science and Technology.

    Title: Fractal Geometry, Dimension, and Information Theory

  13. Professor Seppo Rickman, University of Helsinki.

    Title: Geometric Decomposition Spaces and Maps of Bounded Length Distortion

  14. Professor Charles Fefferman, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,
    Recipient of the Fields Medal.

    Title: Conformal Invariants in N Dimensions

  15. Professor Enrico Bombieri, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton,
    Recipient of the Fields Medal.

    Title: Is Number Theory as Easy as ABC?

  16. Professor Joan Birman, Columbia University,
    Recipient of a Technion Honorary Doctorate.

    Title: What's Happening in Knot Theory?

  17. Professor Olli Lehto, University of Helsinki, Member of the Finnish Academy of Sciences.

    Title: Classical Function Theory and Quasiconformal Mappings

  18. Professor Michael O. Rabin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Harvard University,
    Recipient of the ACM Turing Award in Computer Science and the Harvey Prize in Science and Technology.

    Title: Computational Aspects of Classical Number-Theoretic Theorems

  19. Professor Fredrick W. Gehring, University of Michigan.

    Title: Isolation in Discrete Mobius Groups

  20. Professor Walter K. Hayman, FRS, University of York.

    Title: The Conformal Mapping of Long Quadrilaterals and Thick Annuli.

  21. Professor Lars V. Ahlfors, Harvard University,
    Recipient of the Fields Medal and the Wolf Foundation Prize.

    Title: Power Series in a Jordan Algebra.

  22. Professor Beno Eckmann, ETH, Zurich,
    Recipient of a Technion Honorary Doctorate.

    Title: The Euler Characteristic—Theme and Variations

  23. Professor Lipman Bers, Columbia University.

    Title: Introduction to Quasiconformal Mappings and Their Applications.

  24. Professor Paul Erdos, Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
    Recipient of the Wolf Foundation Prize and a Technion Honorary Doctorate.

    Title: Interpolation and Extremal Properties of Polynomials.
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