Fields of Research

Professors Fields of Research
Aharoni Ron  Finite and infinite combinatorics 
Aljadeff Eli  Algebra, Homological algebra 
Bshouty Daoud  Complex analysis; Mathematical statistics; Harmonic mappings 
Cwikel Michael  Interpolation spaces; Function spaces 
Holzman Ron  Combinatorics; Game theory 
Mendelson Shahar  High dimensional phenomena, Learning theory 
Meshulam Roy  Combinatorics; Linear algebra 
Moriah Yoav  Low dimensional topology; Geometric group theory 
Nepomnyashchy Alexander  Applied mathematics; Nonlinear waves; Pattern formation theory 
Nevo Amos  Ergodic theory; Lie groups 
Novick-Cohen Amy  Applied mathematics; Nonlinear partial differential equations 
Pinchover Yehuda  Partial differential equations 
Pinsky Ross  Probability and stochastic processes; Partial differential equations 
Polyak Michael  Knot theory; Low dimensional topology 
Reich Simeon  Nonlinear analysis 
Rubinstein Jacob  Applied mathematics; Optics; Vision; Continuum mechanics 
Sageev Michah  Geometric group theory; Low dimensional topology 
Shafrir Itai  Partial differential equations; Calculus of variations 
Solel Baruch  Operator algebras; Operator theory; Functional analysis 
Wolansky Gershon  Linear and nonlinear partial differential equations; Optics; Vision; Fluid dynamics 
Zhitomirskii Michail  Local analysis; Singularity Theory; Transitive Lie Algebras 
Ziegler Tamar  Ergodic theory, number theory 
Associate Professors Fields of Research
Bader Uri  Ergodic theory; Dynamics; Representation theory 
Baruch Moshe  Representation of Lie groups and p-adic groups; Automorphic forms; Number theory 
Elias Uri  Ordinary differential equations; Dynamical systems 
Entov Michael  Symplectic geometry 
Gelaki Shlomo  Hopf algebras; Quantum groups; Category theory 
Haran Shai  Number theory; Algebraic geometry; Non-commutative geometry 
Juhasz Arye  Combinatorial group theory 
Mayer Wolf Eduardo  Probability theory; Stochastic process; Stochastic analysis 
Milman Emanuel  Isoperimetric Inequalities and Concentration of Measure, Convexity in Euclidean and Riemannian Geometry, Phenomena in High Dimensions 
Offen Omer  Automorphic forms 
Pinchasi Rom  Combinatorics 
Yariv Ehud  applied mathematics, fluid mechanics, electrokinetics, electro-hydrodynamics 
Assistant Professor Fields of Research
Band Ram  Mathematical Physics, Quantum Graphs, Laplacian eigenfunctions and nodal domains 
Crawford Nicholas   
Devyver Baptiste   
Gavish Nir  Applied Mathematics; Phase field models; Nonlinear Schrodinger equation;Auction theory 
Hartnick Tobias  Algebraic Topology; Geometric Group Theory; Homological Algebra; Lie groups 
Meiri Chen   
Shalit Orr   
Shapira Uri  Homogeneous Dynamics, Geometry of Numbers, and Diophantine Approximation 
Yehudayoff Amir  Combinatorics and theory of computing 
Retired Professors Fields of Research
Granovsky Baruch  Probability methods in enumerative combinatorics, Markov processes, Random structures 
Katz Moshe   
Lyubich Yuri  Functional analysis; Operator theory; Mathematical genetics;Nonassociative algebras 
Professors Emeritus Fields of Research
Aharonov Dov  Complex analysis 
Benyamini Yoav  Geometry of Banach spaces; Functional analysis 
Berman Abraham  Matrix theory; Mathematics education 
Brudnyi Yuri  Function space theory; Interpolation of operators; Multivariate approximation 
Goldberg Moshe  Numerical analysis of partial differential equations; Norm theory 
Gordon Yehoram  Functional analysis; Geometry; Probability; Approximation theory 
Hershkowitz Daniel  Matrix analysis; Combinatorial matrix theory 
Ioffe Alexander  Nonlinear analysis; Optimization 
Katchalski Meir  Convexity; Combinatorial geometry: Combinatorics, Graph theory 
Lin Vladimir  Complex analysis; Algebraic geometry; Analytical manifolds; Braid theory 
Liron Nadav  Applied Math; Biofluiddynamics; Mathematical biology and physiology 
Loewy Raphael  Matrix analysis; Multilinear algebra; Combinatorial matrix theory 
London David  Linear algebra; Matrix theory; Ordinary differential equations 
Marcus Moshe  Partial differential equations; Functional spaces; Nonlinear analysis 
Paneah Boris  Partial differential equations; Dynamical systems; Functional equations; Integral geometry; Harmonic analysis 
Pinkus Allan  Approximation theory 
Saphar Pierre David  Functional analysis; Operator theory 
Sonn Jack  Algebraic number theory; Inverse Galois theory; Brauer groups of fields 
Srebro Uri  Complex analysis 
Wajnryb Bronislaw  Algebraic geometry; Commutative algebra; Algebraic topology 
Zaks Abraham  Mathematics of finance; Mathematics of insurance; Matrix theory 
Ziegler Zvi  Approximation theory; Inequalities