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Getting Started with PDE

Summer Workshop for Undergraduate and Graduate Students


September 14-18, 2014, Technion, Haifa, Israel






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The workshop's aim is to introduce undergraduate and graduate students in Mathematics,

Science and Engineering to a variety of subjects of current research in Partial Differential

Equations and Applied Mathematics. The only required prerequisite is a basic undergraduate

course in Partial Differential Equations



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We will be able cover accommodation in a shared room for registered participants

(On the basis of first come-first served to).


The following mini-courses will be given:

Xavier Cabré (ICREA and UPC, Barcelona)
"What do heating your living room, financial investments, and image processing have in common?

Ross Pinsky (Technion)

"The Green and the Brown of Diffusion and Random Motion"

Jean-Michel Roquejoffre (Université Paul Sabatier, Toulouse)

"Describing biological invasions with nonlinear PDEs"

  Koby Rubinstein (Technion)

"Mathematical models in Medicine and Physiology"


Additional outreach lectures will be given:

Ram Band (Technion)

Leonid Berlyand (Penn State).

Haim Brezis (Rutgers University & Technion)

Dan Mangoubi (Hebrew University)

Lenya Ryzhik (Stanford)


Organizing committee: Yehuda Pinchover, Lenya Ryzhik, and Itai Shafrir

For information: Shiri Kaplan-Shabat, Conference Coordinator, Phone: +972-(0)4-8294278 E-mail