Author Declaration and Consent to Publish form

Completion of Author Declaration and Consent to Publish form is required at the time of submission and requires the corresponding author's affirmation that

(a) neither the article nor portions of it have been previously published elsewhere (except as an abstract or as part of a dissertation),

(b) the manuscript is not under consideration for publication in another journal, and will not be submitted elsewhere until the ELA editorial

      process is completed, and

(c) all authors consent to the publication of the manuscript in ELA, should the article be accepted by the Editor-in-chief upon completion

     of the   refereeing process.

The Electronic Journal Linear Algebra (ELA) leaves the copyright of papers with the authors. ELA only requires each author's agreement that

we publish it.

To submit the agreement, first read the full text of ELA Author Declaration and Consent to Publish agreement:

       Author Declaration and Consent to Publish agreement

  1. This is an agreement between the Electronic Journal of Linear

  Algebra (the "Journal"), and the copyright owner (the "Owner")

  of a work (the "Work") that, if accepted by the Editor-in-chief,

  will be published in the Journal.

  2. The Owner warrants that s/he has the full power and authority to

  enter into this Agreement and to grant the rights granted in this


  3. The Owner hereby grants to the Journal a worldwide, irrevocable,

  non-exclusive, royalty free license to publish or

  distribute the Work, to enter into arrangements with others to

  publish or distribute the Work, and to archive the Work.

  4. The Owner agrees that further publication of the Work, with the

  same or substantially the same content as appears in the Journal,

  will include an acknowledgment of prior publication in the Journal.

  5. It is affirmed that the person/s named above are the sole

  author/s of the Work titled as below, that neither this Work nor

  portions thereof have been published elsewhere (except as an

 abstract or as part of a dissertation) and that this Work will not be

 submitted elsewhere until the Journal's editorial process is completed.

 For multi-author Work, the signing author states that he/she has written

 authorization from all co-authors to sign this agreement, and that he/she will notify them of

 his/her action.

  Manuscript title: ________________________________________

  Authors' names and email addresses: _____________________________



  Date: _____________

Next,  the corresponding author must copy the text of the agreement above into an

e-mail message to elamath (AT) ( uwyo (dot) edu. Then add the title of the

paper, plus the statement "I accept the terms of this agreement", and have

the closing line be the corresponding author's full name.