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ILAS Lectureship at non-ILAS conferences

As part of ILAS's commitment to supporting activities in Linear Algebra, the Society maintains a program of ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences. Typically ILAS will sponsor up to two such speakers per year. However, in years in which a large number of worthy proposals are submitted, the ILAS Board may consider the possibility of funding up to four ILAS Lectureships.

All proposals for ILAS Lectureships at non-ILAS conferences will be reviewed once per year, with an annual deadline of September 30 for the receipt of proposals.

The guidelines for the ILAS Lectureship Program at non-ILAS conferences are:

(1) the conference must be of interest to a substantial number of ILAS members;

(2) the same "organization" is not eligible support more than once every three years;

(3) the support should be distributed widely geographically;

(4) the conference must be scheduled to take place in the calendar year following the submission of the proposal.

Electronic proposals are preferred and should be sent to the President of ILAS.

Each proposal should include:

(1) date and place of conference,
(2) sponsoring "organization",
(3) organizing committee,
(4) purpose of conference,
(5) invited speakers, to the extent known,
(6) expected attendance,
(7) proposed ILAS Lecturer, and brief information about the Lecturer,
(8) amount requested.

Selection process:

Each year, shortly after the September 30 deadline, the ILAS Board will review all the proposals and decide on which, if any, will receive support, and how much that support will be. The President will then inform the applicants accordingly.


Each year, the President will issue two calls for proposals for ILAS Lectureships at ILAS non-ILAS conferences; these calls will be distributed on ILAS-NET and via other suitable media. The calls for proposals will be made in January and again in May of each year, in order to ensure the visibility of the program.