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Current ILAS Officers

(or see list of past ILAS officers )

Executive Board: [To contact an Exec. member click here]

President - Stephen Kirkland
Vice-President - Chi-Kwong Li
Secretary/Treasurer - Leslie Hogben

Board of Directors, which consists of the Executive Board and:

Dario Bini
Shaun Fallat
Judi McDonald
Christian Mehl
Andre Ran
Tin-Yau Tam

Outreach Director:

James R. Weaver

Manager of ILAS-NET and ILAS Information Center (IIC):

Sarah Carnochan Naqvi

ILAS Resident Registered Agent in the State of Florida:

Fuzhen Zhang

Advisory Committee:

Volker Mehrmann (chair)
Peter Semrl
Daniel Szyld
Pauline van den Driessche

Editor of ELA:

Ludwig Elsner
Bryan Shader

Editors of IMAGE:

Jane Day

Education Committee:

Luz De Alba
Guershon Harel
David Lay
Sang-Gu Lee
Steve Leon (chair)

Institutional Membership Committee:

Rafael Bru
Wasin So
James R. Weaver (chair)

Journals Committee:

Ravi Bapat
Jane Day (for IMAGE)
Ludwig Elsner (for ELA)
Roger Horn (chair)
Daniel Szyld