Welcome to the Department of Mathematics

Faculty Activities

19/12/2018  Combinatorics Seminar Extremal Collections of $k$-uniform vectors Joseph Briggs 19/12/2018, Wednesday, 13:30 Amado 814, Technion
19/12/2018  Math Club Complexity of coloring graphs Dr. Yuval Filmus 19/12/2018, Wednesday, 17:30 Amado 233, Technion
20/12/2018  Groups, Dynamics and Related Topics Nonsingular Poisson suspensions and Kazhdan's property T Zemer Kosloff (Hebrew University of Jerusalem) 20/12/2018, Thursday, 14:30 Amado 814, Technion
23/12/2018  Nonlinear Analysis and Optimization Seminar Data-Driven Two-Stage Linear Optimization: Feasibility and Approximation Guarantees Shimrit Shtern (Technion) 23/12/2018, Sunday, 14:30 Room 814, Amado Mathematics Building, Technion

Center for Mathematical Sciences Activities

19/12/2018  Lecture series Lecture 2 of the Special Lecture Series Prof. Pawel Nurowski 19/12/2018, Wednesday, 15:30 Amado 232, Technion
20/12/2018  Lecture series Lecture 3 of the Special Lecture Series Prof. Pawel Nurowski 20/12/2018, Thursday, 15:30 Amado 232, Technion
25/03/2019  Lecture series Lecture 1 of the Distinguished Lecture Series Prof. Vladimir Turaev (Indiana University) 25/03/2019, Monday, 15:30 Amado 232, Technion