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What is ILAS-NET?

ILAS-NET is a moderated newsletter for mathematicians worldwide, with a focus on linear algebra.

How to subscribe to ILAS-NET?

To subscribe to ILAS-NET, please send an email to indicating that you would like to be added to the list.

How to post a message on ILAS-NET?

To have a message sent to the subscribers of ILAS-NET, please send the message (preferably in text format) in an email to indicating that you would like it to be posted on ILAS-NET. If the message is appoved it will be posted soon afterwards, if the message is not suitable for posting you will be notified.

Getting an archived ILAS-NET message

ILAS-NET messages for years 1991-1994 are archived in four files, each
containing ALL messages circulated in the corresponding year.
Messages circulated after December 28, 1994, are archived on a monthly

ILAS-NET messages are archived in a compressed forms. MOSAIC automatically
uncompresses the files. LYNX does not uncompress the files. If you are
using LYNX it is suggested to download the files (using the Download command)
and then uncompress them using the "uncompress" command, or using the
command "zcat FILENAME | more" (which is equivalent to "zmore FILENAME").

You may wish to look at the index of all ILAS-NET messages below or go directly
to get an ILAS-NET message

Index of ILAS-NET Messages

Help File for ILAS-NET Subscribers

A brief description of the set of requests recognized by ListProcessor (the system used for ILAS-NET) is available for anyone wishing to use it.